Working With A Creative Team Is Crucial

Finding a balance in business is often difficult, no matter what industry or line of work you are in. One of the biggest issues revolves around who makes decisions and who calls the shots. There is a lot to be said for different people having an input to processes but there is also a need for someone to be responsible. If there are different opinions and a continual supply of fresh ideas, you may feel as though you are never going to bring a project to conclusion. This is why all projects must have someone who is willing to call the shots and make decisions.

However, it would be wrong to let one person carry out the process. They may be limited in their ideas, their knowledge, the scope of the situation and there may be better uses for their time. Small businesses will often find that the battle between someone doing all the work or spreading responsibility across a team leads to an outcome that is never fully satisfactory. This is where businesses need to look outside of their own firm to experts in certain fields.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with outsourcing certain parts of your business, in fact, it is a decision that a great number of businesses take. It provides a firm with the best of both worlds, which should ensure that you prosper. This is especially true when it comes to the creative elements of a business. It is important for your firm to have an idea of what you are looking for and the identity to call the shots. This is where designating one point of contact with the creative team will work well but once you create a brief or platform for the firm to work, it is best to see what they can come up with.

Creative teams often do the hard work without any praise

All across the country there are creative teams scurrying around in the background pulling together campaigns, strategies, promotional activities and a whole lot more. Whether you need a website, a logo, a website visual, copy, articles, brochure designs or even a headline, these are the people that businesses turn to. There is a lot to be said for using an agency y for a great deal of work because this will ensure that there is a level of consistency to your brand and company. When so many people have an influence or impact on design elements, the overall impact can be all over the shot. This looks amateurish and your hopes of picking up customers from different places and then moulding them into a cohesive audience are minimal.

This is where having one point of contact within the firm and one creative team pulling together ensures that creativity can be obtained. Working with a creative team that has experience of working on briefs and design requests will ensure that they know what they are meant to do. A firm with a strong portfolio will be able to indicate that they are able to work together to create end products. Most creative teams will have different people who do certain roles or who at least all add something to the overall creative mix.

If you attempt to undertake all of your creative work in house with money being the most important factor in the decision making process, you are doomed to failure. If you keep the process in house but you don’t have a clear leader or an idea of the roles that people are playing, you are doomed to failure. If you don’t have an over-riding brief that people are working towards, there is a strong chance that you will fail. All of these pathways are costly, time consuming and offer very little return for a business. The creative element is crucial in promoting your business and this is where the roles of a well-defined and experienced creative team will boost your business.

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  1. Nick Cordell

    Completely agree with this post. It is really important to find good people to work for your business. But finding such people is a difficult job and takes patience.

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