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Search Engine Optimization is fast becoming the most fundamental and essential part of business life and an integral component of small business marketing strategy. As the world continues to trade the real world for the virtual, being seen and heard online is now the Holy Grail. Liberator Design is a leading SEO agency Londonthat can help you reach the elusive Page 1 ranking for your chosen Keywords.

How? I hear you ask? Well, it’s all very complicated and geeky, but let’s break it down…

Firstly we’ll do a SEO audit.

Before we come up with a small business marketing strategy for your online market, we conduct an audit. We will research the most relevant and most searched terms for your industry. (No point trying to rank your site for Custard Creams (….unless you sell Custard Creams. Do you?)

We then compare these reports with the rest of your sector in order to determine the most effective terms to use, which we will incorporate in your small business marketing strategy. We look at what terms are most searched for and how many sites are currently targeting those keywords. We try to work out the most used search terms that are not heavily targeted. That way, you have the best chance of being able to appear on page one of a search on those terms. There is no point trying to rank for a term that everybody is targeting and equally there’s no point targeting a keyword that nobody searches for!

Any decent and competent service provider of search engine marketing London should conduct an SEO audit as there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter solution when it comes to ranking online.

Next we write the content.

Our SEO agency London maintains a team of highly skilled copywriters who will then weave their magic to create content that targets the very best of these key terms as possible in the right way to get your page well ranked. It’s all about the content. There are specific ways in which we need to add the keywords to make the perfect page content. We must not use the keywords too little or indeed too much either. We need to use them in the opening paragraph, some more times in the body and in the closing paragraph as well to give the right results.

And that’s not all there is to it when it comes to search engine marketing London. Once we have the right content on the site, saying the right things and using the right keywords the right number of times, we need to tell the world. There’s no point having a great site tucked away in an Internet back street. We need to get out there and shout about the site.

We need to network, we need to harness your Social Media

At Liberator we can help you engage and then stay engaged to your customers via social media through strategic social and search engine marketing London.

There’s a reason both Twitter and Facebook recently boasted billion dollar values and there’s no slow down on the social networks. Today, as part of your small business marketing strategy, you can reach your customers instantly and as importantly they can reach back. A delayed response or an inappropriate comment can be trouble and they only need log in to tell the world what you’re doing wrong.

But beware… there are a lot of bandwagons out there and some of their tunes are downright anti-social, which should never be a part of your small business marketing strategy. Beware of SEO agency London that offers black hat techniques and 10,000 followers for 10 cents. These search engine marketing London service providers tend to be like snow, they usually appear overnight, they make everything look sparkly and bright instantly and then gradually discolour and disappear in a week or so, leaving a nasty slushy mess.

So yes, it’s possible to get an SEO agency London to buy sweatshop likes from teams of slave-driven Facebook users from the third world, but is having 2000 coerced likes really worth it? You should steer clear from any SEO agency London that offers such services as these almost always have adverse effect on your business.

Finally we need to maintain the momentum.

This is the long game and often one of the commonly overlooked aspects of search engine marketing London. We need to keep at it. We need to be flexible. As reliable SEO agency London, we will monitor and maintain your social media and we’ll use our experience in the marketplace to maximize your engagement with your customers. We’ll make sure queries are answered in timely fashion, that comments are legitimate and inoffensive and that your social media remains at all times ‘social’. Naturally we’ll help build your ‘likes’ but we’ll do it using real and appropriate profiles – something not all search engine marketing London service providers will offer.

For example, we often start by suggesting two witty well written relevant posts or tweets per day, plus 5 shares from your industries designed to encourage further shares and likes and we’ll like and share our way into your customer’s hearts.

We will comment on clients’ blogs, like posts, share posts and reply to comments. However, we will constantly monitor the site and the social media. We’ll feedback to you what is happening via a monthly email. It maybe that we need to write more content on the site, or we may suggest sending out a Press Release, creating a video, run a Facebook competition. There are a myriad of options and decisions we can and will take to engage with existing and potential clients – week by week, month by month.


…and how much do we charge for all this?

As always in our business, it depends on what business you’re in. It depends on what YOU want to achieve, how quickly and how much you want to do – BUT… we have put together a range of basic packages that work for many of our small to medium sized businesses as a guide.

Why not give us a call and we can discuss it?

We’re ALWAYS keen to talk about new projects and ideas, we don’t bite and we are house trained!

or via social media if you’d prefer…