Package Costs

Design & Marketing and SEO Packages for business.
Creative and Targetted bundles aimed specifically at budget concious Businesses.

We are always being asked for quotes for logos or websites
or for Search Engine Optimisation, so we though we'd put together
a series of 'Packages'. It's not a definitive list of our services or the things we do,
its just various packages that fit fairly neatly into boxes that clients tend to need from time to time.

Regardless of whether or not what you need is covered below, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll work something out to suit your needs …and your budget!
We will sit down with you and advise you on the best course of action for you.


…for start-ups, rebranding or revamping an existing brand or business…

Setting up a new business and achieving goals on your own is not always easy. We are here to help you through the entire process. At the Liberator, we are experienced at creating highly effective web and print solutions together with business and marketing coaching tailored to your individual needs and budget.
We successfully achieve contact with your current and potential customers, build your brand, develop relationships and allow you to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition. We create innovative marketing solutions and creative strategies that achieve geat results, increasing sales and develop your brand.
Creating an identity for YOUR business or brand is crucial. It’s the face of the business, the first impression. It needs careful consideration and we don’t take it lightly. We need to assess who, what, where, why and how the identity is to be used.

WHO is producing the logo – Printers, Reps, Signwriters, Secretaries, Tailors?
WHAT does the identity need to project about the company/brand – Secure, Ethical, Fashionable, Established, Modern, Cheap, Luxury?
WHERE they are using it – Reports, Giveaways, Exhibitions?
WHY they are using it – Promotion, Signage, Education?
..and finally HOW they are using it -tiny and in black on pencils and across the side of a building, or animated in a presentation on YouTube?


First we need an initial consultation/brief.
Who its for?
Who is the logo for?
What values does the logo needs to portray?
What materials is it to be used on primarily?
…and finally, we need to know any personal preferences (maybe you hate green, for example!?)
Then we go to work. We will provide:

✔ 3 considered concepts based on your brief
✔ UNLIMITED revisions based on your requirements/branding
✔ Visualisation of how the logo(s) would appear on items such as stationery, website and leaflet for example
✔ Vector logo, scalable to any size without losing quality
✔ + a FULL logo pack including .ai, .png, .pdf, .eps, .gif and .jpeg,
Cost: £180

Start-Up set

Start-Up Package 1

We offer a package of logo and start up Stationery set to start up businesses or new initiatives
(Printing, if required, is extra depending on quantity and material – (but always at a discounted rate to help get new businesses off the ground!)
Cost: £250


A stationery pack of print ready Artwork for 4 items. This tends to consist of:

✔ Letterhead
✔ Business Card(s)
✔ Compliments Slips
✔ An other item. Sometimes its a report cover, or a Powerpoint template, or a FaceBook Cover, a Twitter page setup – anything really!
(Printing, if required, is extra depending on quantity and material.)
Cost: £150

Super Start-Up set

Start-Up Super Package 2 – EVERYTHING to get you onto the starting grid. Branding, Stationery, A website AND a leaflet – all creatively designed and effectively conceived to market your business and get it off to a flying start.

✔Start Up Package 1 (Logo and start up Stationery)
✔500 Letterheads
✔500 Business cards
+++✔5-10 page Website
+++ ✔6 page DL Flyer (500 copies)
Cost includes 3-5 stock photographs, 700 words of unique copywriting, branding, styling and print
Cost: £1.5k

Full Corporate Identity

Then there is the full monty..
This is generally for companies with a staff of 10+, multiple sites, fleet of vehicles and a marketing department who use various media companies for marketing. Maybe? It tends to be a larger management / logisical exercise.
Consultation + Marketing Audit is the first step.  We carry out an audit of all on & offline marketing materials such as brochures, website(s) and advertising as well as signage, uniform, presentations and livery. We then work to create:

✔ 3 considered concepts based on your brief
✔ UNLIMITED revisions based on your requirements/branding
✔ Implementation visuals and styling for a range of materials based on the audit samples
✔ Vector logo, scalable to any size without losing quality
✔ + a FULL logo pack including .ai, .png, .pdf, .eps, .gif and .jpeg,
✔ Style manual and guidelines for the branding implementation including fonts + initial agreed image library (if applicable)
✔ Possible recommendations/options for marketing and branding based on our audit
Cost: from £600 to £2k

Design for print

Brochures, leaflets, exhibition stands.

We work with you to plan, create and implement the most effective communications that speak to your audience in a manner that meets and exceeds your business objectives…


First we need an initial consultation/brief.
Who its for?
What is its purpose?
What do you need to say?
Why is YOUR product/service better than your competitors?
How big do you envisgae it. 4 pages, 48 pages, 120 pages? A5, A4, A3?
What content do you have already? Words and pictures to go in the brochure – ideas, products, photographs, illustrations, text.
…and finally, we need to know any personal preferences (maybe you hate green, for example!?)
Then we go to work. We can provide stock photography, copywriting, photography, illustration as required.
It is impossible to accurately quote or provide a cost for any/every permutation of brochure. It depends on the size, the content provided and what we have to create.
Ballpark cost: £500-£1500


A single sheet flyer – A4 or folded to A5 or folded twice to DL size (6 pages – 210mm x 99mm). Cost includes:
✔ Design
✔ Artwork
✔ Copywriting if required.
✔ Image retouching / Colour balancing (if required)
✔ Stock images from our extensive photolibrary (if required)
(Printing, if required, is extra depending on quantity and material.)
Cost: £250

Exhibition Stand

We create many ‘Pop-up’ Exhibition stands a year for clients. We provide the mechanism and the graphic. The usual stand we supply comes in a small case and is about 2 metres high and 800mm wide when erected, although many other styles are available.
Below is cost assuming its 2000 x 800 Pop up stand that we are supplying. We can provide any/all content based on a written brief. and company logo and any specific visuals supplied. We would always provide 1-3 designs for approval and deliver within one week. (Delivery extra)
Cost: £250


for new sites or revamping an existing website:

Websites are all different and unique in some way, however they do tend to follow broadly similar patterns. A standard new business website or a revamp of an existing site consists of 5-25 pages. These days we tend to make all our sites Content Managed websites so that they are easier to maintain and upgrade as new technology comes along and web browsers advance.

+++ All our sites come with hosting, a domain name and email mailbox free for the first year +++
Standard Website

Based on an initial brief. One of our beautifully designed 2-10 page sites. All our sites are responsive, state of the art designs. All sites come with a level of optimisation and are submitted to 50 search engines (inc. Google) on launch.

✔  Responsive
✔  Search Engine friendly
✔  1000 words of copywriting(if required)
✔ Stock photography(if required)
✔ Linked to your social network(if required)
Cost: £350
CMS Website

As per standard site above, but Content Managed Site (CMS). This allows you to update the site yourself and blog – add products and services etc etc. With a CMS site you can have as much or as little control of the site as you want. You can add functionality as and when you want, add and remove pages, change the navigation, change the look of it even. It is totally up to you what you want to be able to do. Obviously the more interaction you require the greater the cost

✔  Content Management Access
✔ Responsive
✔ Search Engine friendly
✔ Copywriting(if required)
✔ Stock photography(if required)
✔  Original Photography (if required)
✔  Video (if required)
✔ Linked to your social network(if required)
✔  Set up Social Media (if required)
✔ Contact form(if required)
✔  Gallery/Portfolio (if required)
✔  Blog (if required)
✔  Shop (if required)
✔  Forum (if required)
✔  Site Membership (if required)
…the list of possible options is endless and ALWAYS expanding
Cost: £800 – £2k usually

Once you have the website up and running, we tell people about it. The first step is usually to send out an email to all current and potential customers / clients telling them about the new website. The best way to do this is with a clever and stylish HTML email/Newsletter.

HTML Email Marketing

We can create a professional Email / Newsletter campaign with images, content and links to your site for you to send out to your database. We can design, write and produce the email based on a brief.
Cost: £100
But better still …. we can set up an Online Mail Send account for you where we can track the email, see how many and who opened it, who read it and who followed the links to the website or elsewhere. We can segment your database, depending on how its set up and send one Email to one sector and another to another sector. We could send the first one to ladies and the second to men, or by region or by their buying patterns. We could send one to custormers who have purchased in the last week, one to those that bought in the last year and a third to potential customers who have not bought anything – Yet. Eash one could have a special offer tailored to them.
When its been sent, we will give you a concise or detailed analysis 48 hours after the email is sent.
There is a set up fee of £160 to import your database and link it into your website (if required) as a ‘Subscribe’ button so that you can then send out regular newsletter email to the database and create the first mailer.
Thereafter, we would just charge the single Email fee per Email Campaign.
Cost: £160
Getting the website up is a great start, but we also ensure that the site gets its fair share of visitors (…and hopefully a bit more than its fair share!). We promote the site to Google and the other search engines. We use a range of tactics like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media to create a perfect online profile.
We ensure that the site looks good to Search Bots as well as to users, but at the same time we need to be careful to play by the rules. (Bearing in mind that Google doesn’t tell anyone outside Google what these rules are – so it’s not easy!)
SEO Report & Analysis

Whether you have a new website or an existing website that’s not generating the sales leads that it should, we can help. Maybe your site doesn’t come up on a relevant search or maybe its on page six?
We will analyse your site and see just how its performing. We will provide a detailed report and give you a SEO strategy to increase traffic and sales from these organic listings. (Organic listings are the normal search results – the ones you don’t PAY for)
The report will include:

✔  On-Page Recommendations; Detailing areas of your website which need to be improved and clear instructions on what to fix to improve your rankings for your chosen keywords.
Competitor Analysis; Detailed report which compares you website against your three nearest competitors including keywords, ranking, audience, social media activity, links and popular pages.
Keyword Analysis; Analysis of the difficulty of ranking for your keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo based on the current top 10 sites.
Link Directory; We will supply a list of sites that your main competitors are receiving back-links from so you can begin your own link building campaign.
On-Site Errors; We will check for broken links, missing image alt tags, etc..
Social Media Statistics; Showing Facebook Likes, links, Twitter Followers, Tweets, etc.. of both you and your competitors.
Follow-up report; Once you, we or your current web company have been able to implement any changes on the website we will provide a second report to see if the changes are working.
Cost: £80

Content Creation

This is the MOST IMPORTANT single aspect of ANY site that intends to generate traffic via Google.  Your site NEEDS to have text that Google can index. That way, it can assess how relevant your site is for the product or service you are selling. The more relevant information  you have about that topic, the more likely Google is to send browsers to it. Simple. ….But its not. The content needs to be original, relevant and you need to ensure your using the right words, the right number of times , but not too many – at the start, in the middle and at the end of the page. You need to use them in the Headings and in the copy. You need to add them into the Meta Tags for the page. No copy and paste  from other sites or Wikipedia either! Google checks – just like Teacher!
The more pages you have, the more content, the more content the more important the site is for your product or service. As a rough guide, you need an absolute minimum of ten pages with at least 500 words of genuinely original content on each page.

Many clients struggle to produce that much content, but we can do it – regardless of subject. Our experienced copywriter will research the subject and write as much content as you need. We then ask you to check it over, as the expert, before we add it onto the site and resubmit it to Google for indexing.
Cost: £20 per page

100% Manual SE Submission

Are you struggling to rank for local UK keywords? Not getting the UK website traffic?
We will manually submit your site to 100 UK ONLY websites.  No bots or spam submission software.  When we have completed the submission we will provide a complete report with all email accounts created for the manual submissions.
This is the best way to get SEO UK IP address links back to your site to improve your sites local UK search profile. This is also recommended for balancing and fixing poor link profiles eg. panda updates and search engine penalties.
Cost: £80
Search Engine Optimisation

We can provide an ongoing monthly Search Engine Optimisation package for clients to improve their sites ranking.
In month one we run the package above and make amendments to the site as required. In the following months we provide a raft of optimisation as detailed in the first and second reports above and the other SEO packages detailed on this page as well as other services.
Each site is unique, their requirements and optimisation varies enormously depending on where the sites market is, what sort of social media profile there is, the level of client involvement in the site etc etc. We work with the client, providing them with a monthly or quarterly report which analyses the last quarters traffic/sales online and provides a guide to the optimisation we intend or the next period.
Optimisation techniques may well include:

Link wheels: Backlink generator
Blog: Content and activity generation on the site
✔ Twitter/FaceBook Posts:
Content and activity generation off- site, linking back to the site
✔ SEO Content Creation:
Content and activity generation on site. Our copywriter will enhance the site with unique and original articles that provide additional content that is then picked up and indexed by Google etc.
Video Content Creation: We can generate presentations and videos and upload to YouTube which then link back to the site and generate traffic from YouTube (the worlds second largest search engine behind Google).
Optimisation checks: Every quarter we run a SEO check to ensure the site continues to behave appropriately and we fix any issues like broken links, meta tag issues, updates, etc.
Social Media improvements: We can boost any social media accounts that link into the site with large numbers of genuine likes, retweets, follows etc to improve the sites social standing.
All the work we undertake is 100% genuine and Google safe. These are ‘White Hat’ techniques designed to boost rankings and social profile. The cost per month is based on time spent on the optimisation per month. We can increase or decrease the amount as the site requires.
£200 per month = 1 day per month spent on optimisation,
£700 per month = 1 day per week on optimisation.
And if you want to boost your sits traffic – £1k per month allows us to dedicate an SEO and media content expert to a site 2 days a week.
Cost: £200 + per month

Google AdWords Setup

The service includes a complete setup, including all research, so it is ready for you to just switch on once we have set it up.
This includes:
✔ Keyword Research
✔ Competitor Research
✔ Multiple Ad Copy Creation for All Ad Groups using Professional Copywriter
✔ Optimum Account Structure
✔ Optimum Account Settings
✔ Ad Extensions (including sitelinks, local and call extensions)
✔ Bid and Traffic Research to set optimum starting CPC bids
✔ Display and Re-Marketing Campaign Creation.
You will also be eligible to receive a Free Google Adwords voucher whereby Google will match your first months spend in free credit for month 2 up to £150.

You will also receive a summary detailing how to effectively manage the account moving forwards so you are not in the dark about how to proceed once the account is complete.
Cost: £350

Link wheel for SEO

We can create a Link Wheel with 65 high PR spokes +  from 30 – 40 unique domains to be found naturally by the search engines.  The wheel works in harmony with the latest Google algorithm changes and is 100% Google safe.
The 1st layer will be a wheel created with highly spun content, titles, relevant images & videos. We then integrate 1000 profile links to this wheel structure to generate the link juice and promote more search engines spiders to reach your site which is exactly what your site needs to be crawled regularly.  Guaranteed to provide more power and to boost your site’s ranking.
Cost: £80 per link wheel