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When executed perfectly, advertising remains to be among the most pervasive and effective marketing communication channels. But when done poorly, it can just be your money down the drain.

Liberator Design provides its clients results-focused, value-driven advertising solutions. With our in-house resources along with offline and online marketing and branding solutions expertise, we are capable of delivering creative promotions and advertising campaigns at highly competitive rates.

Unlike other traditional online marketing agencies, Liberator Design has the capacity to develop, produce and deploy marketing services that are fully integrated with both offline and online components.

Point of Sale, Presentations and Exhibition Display

Whether you are simply looking for a basic pull-up banner or a more complex and professional exhibition display stand – at Liberator Design we give particular focus on communication and perception instead of merely coming up with an eye-catching design. Our corporate identity designers and branding solutions specialists work to make sure your message is delivered effectively, with the desired impact. We design and supply large format posters, exhibition stands and pull-up banners that effectively convey your marketing message and strengthen your brand.

Maybe you like to get up close and personal with your clients or customers with a Powerpoint Presentation …or not. Its up to you we can build great pesentations that present you in the perfect light, whether you present in person, you send them the presentation or put it on your website or on Youtube. Then again we can do ALL of those things wth the one Presentation – thats GOT TO BE value for money hasn’t it. AND, by putting it on YouTube its searchable and indexable so we can then use it to direct traffic to your website from the video.

Now, not all online marketing agencies can offer you the same comprehensive service that delivers real results every single time. They also don’t think creatively about these othe ways of leveraging your marketing in different ways to gain extra exposure and traffic. Contact us today to see what we can think of for your company!

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