We’ve been lucky to work with our clients on a range of projects, including web design and builds, print media as well as helping with marketing strategies…

Corporate/Branding Services

Once upon a time, only the corporations with the highest marketing budgets could afford a proper corporate ID. Nowadays you are missing out on leads and sales if you don’t have your own brand identity. We have experience of those heady days when a corporate ID Strategy cost thousands. We know what was involved, what the issues are and how to allow for them. That experience and expertise ensures that we know just how to design and produce identities that work for your company and for the demands that your business has.

We can produce logos, idents or full corporate styling strategy for your business. We can then roll that identity out across your business. Items like: Stationery, Social Media Branding, Websites, Reports, Forms, Powerpoint presentations, Video Presentations, Vehicle livery, Uniforms, Signage, Brochures, Leaflets, Media pack and even a Corporate Standards Manual.


The web is the most important place for your business to be right now, and there’s an awful lot on there already…if you want to reach out for you customers, then you’re going to need some help. However, if you want to jump off the screen at them… come talk to us.
Make sure you have Liberator Design on your side…

Liberator Design will help you say exactly what you need to say. We’re wizards when it comes to SEO so we’ll get the most Google Juice out of your website – helping you rise up the search ranks. We build ’em big, bright and clean. And we build them optimised – Search Engine Optimised so the sites are easily adaptable whichever way the Internet goes. Meta Tags and Keywords, Link building, Pay per click Advertising – we do it all. We will also work with you on your social media strategy and ensure it tows the company line. Social media can be the key for many businesses in finding new enquiries or engaging with existing clients. We’ll show you how to utilise social networks to the best of your ability. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Kickstarter or anything else that comes along.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Audit and Strategy, Corporate Identity, Logos, Campaign creation, Product design, Character creation
We know that online marketing is the new trend at the moment, but we are also aware of the continuing importance of printed material in maintaining a consistent message across all media. Fortunately for you we are one of the few agencies that specialise in both. We offer our clients a bespoke design consultancy for brochures, stationery and all off and online media, so that all the little creative bits of your marketing strategy are in tune across all platforms.

Understanding print requirements is essential in delivering successful print materials, we can advice on best paper materials, sizes for adverts that are most affective as well as create an excellent design for each of these elements. To find out more about our offline media services, get in touch through the contact button on the top of the screen.

Design for Print

We handle every aspect of design for print – but whatever we do, you can be sure it’s not going to cost the planet and it’s going to do the business as well as look the business.
We’re proud of our design service as it helps our clients bring their products or services to life and ensure their success. If you have the best product in the world, then it’s more important than ever that people get to hear about it. There’s nothing more tragic than a missed opportunity.

Special services

We produce the vast majority of the content for websites, brochures and advertising in-house. We have an illustrator, a photographer and a copywriter in-house as well as coders, developers and designers.