Search Engine Optimisation vs Search Engine Marketing

SEO & SEM Are The Same … but Different

The fact that SEO and SEM are not the same things should be pretty obvious, after all, one has an O while the other has a M, they couldn’t be more different! However, for many people, there tends to be a crossover in the two elements, so much so that many people are unable to properly differentiate between the two different elements.

SEO is the more commonly used term and is the one that most people will be aware of. You don’t need us to tell you that it stands for search engine optimisation (we’ll tell you anyway) and it generally means earning traffic through the use of content or listings that you haven’t paid for. With SEM, search engine marketing, there is an acceptance that you pay for the links and increased traffic. In an ideal world, your business would be able to utilise SEO and receive a lot of interested traffic for free but of course, this isn’t how it works.

You can utilise SEO and when SEO is used well, it can really help a business but there are times when you need to invest time and money into your online activities. This is where paying for search engine marketing can put your firm in the right place at the right time. However, it is not just a case of throwing money at marketing and expecting people to flock to your site straight away. Not all paid for marketing is equal and you need to make sure that you are using SEM in the right manner.

Do you click on paid for links?

If you have used Google for any searches of late, there may be someone who hasn’t, you’ll know that the first page contains a lot of paid for listings. This is when a firm has paid to be placed on screen for relevant search terms and keywords. This may sound like a good idea but have a think about your own user experience, do you click on the sponsored links or do you navigate to the organic links and listings? Some firms find that they spend a lot of money on their search engine marketing and get very little in return. This is something you need to weigh up before spending a lot of money on.

You will find that a reputable search marketing agency will be able to point you in the right direction as to what sort of approach will provide your business with the most benefit. Whether you are looking to focus on a particular area, perhaps obtaining the best search engine marketing London has to offer, or if you are happy with a universal approach, you will find that there is plenty of assistance available.

It may be that you would prefer to develop your SEO skills and content because you have more confidence in the long lasting results from undertaking SEO work. Again, there are more than enough professional firms and agencies to provide you with a detailed approach to using SEO in a focused manner. Whether you want to find the best SEO agency London has to offer or you are after the finest SEO agency UK firms can hire, you’ll find that there is an opportunity to create a platform that is perfect for your business.

If you are keen to develop your SEO, you will find that quality copy and content is always going to be of value. Combining content for search engines with content that is accessible to readers isn’t always easy but when you do it right, the rewards are tremendous. With respect to SEO copywriting, the UK has a number of experts that will help people achieve success, regardless of what their goals and aims are.

There are differences between SEO and SEM, so it is important you know which is which, and which one will most positively impact on your business.


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  1. Lonnie Fox

    As I am a newbie in this field, I did not know that SEO and SEM are two different things. In fact, I did not even know the sponsored links of Google are actually SEM.

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