Top tip for marketing YOUR business – Ask Yourself Questions

  1. Name three things that set you apart from the competition?
  2. Do you spell out the benefits of your product or service in all of your promotional literature, websites, letters etc?
  3. Have you tried Telemarketing to attract new customers? Did you accurately measure the result?
  4. Have you tried Direct Mail to attract new customers? Did you accurately measure the results?
  5. Have you tried PR to attract new customers? Did you accurately measure the results?
  6. Have you got a strong direct response ad that compels the reader to contact you?
  7. Do you advertise in the same publications as your competitors? If so – Why?
  8. Do you have something different to say to a potential new customer that sets you apart from them to capture their attention?
  9. Have you tried pay-per-click advertising?
  10. Do you send regular email communications to your customers and prospective customers and tracked the results?
  11. Do you have a lead generation process in place?
  12. Do you obtain and use testimonials from your best customers?
  13. Do you have a referral system in place – A way to reward people who get you new business?
  14. Do you offer something of value to your website visitors in exchange for their contact details?
  15. Do you regularly write press releases/articles and send them out and put them on your website?
  16. Do you know that the best way to sell is to ask questions?
  17. Do you rent or purchase mailing lists of your target customers?
  18. Do you take care of your current customers?
  19. Do you know why it’s important to include a PS in all of your sales letters?
  20. Do you communicate by mail, email and telephone on a frequent basis to your current customers to ensure they know what you have to offer?
  21. Do you use just one or two ways of marketing to promote your business? The best way it to use between six and ten?
  22. Did you know that if you follow up a mailshot with a phone call you can increase response rates by between 100 and a 1000%

Don’t worry if you said ‘No’ to some of them or indeed most of them – your competitors probably answered ‘NO’  to even more!

Now we can move forward….

  • Pick two of the above and do SOMETHING today to improve those areas.

  • Then print out the page and come back to it in the weeks and months ahead.

  • Use it as a way to identify key ways to market your company – it WILL make a difference. Trust me. 

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  1. VESH

    This is again a complete, comprehensive questionnaire to identify the ways of marketing that one might be missing. The questions will surely identify the lacking areas and help us improve marketing skills.

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