How To Make Your Website A Success

Okay, you know that you need to have an online presence and if you are online, you need to make your online presence better. This isn’t an insult; it is a matter of fact because there is always room for improvement. The day you don’t make think about improving your website or your online presence is a day where you fall behind some rivals and peers. You don’t want to tinker for the sake of it and you can’t continually keep changing what you offer but to make the most of your online presence, you should always be looking to get better.

Some business experts will tell you that the day of the website is over and everyone should up sticks to social media. This frankly is a lot of rubbish and is spouted by people that like attention or use scare tactics to draw people to them. Yes, social media marketing is important and there will be some clients who engage you with solely through social media but there is a need to have a reliable website. There are three main pillars of your website that you should consider.


The branding of your site has to sit alongside your own company branding, image and identity. Your website should be the online embodiment of your physical store or of the products and services you provide. If your company strives to have a serious image yet your website is quirky and cool, you may lose customers because they don’t make the connection between your firm’s different personalities. In the modern era, the personality of a business is crucial and if you don’t provide a personality that is consistent and reliable, people will move on.

This means colours, fonts, layout, message and tone of your website has to be consistent with the branding of your firm, but also indicative of a good quality website. This may be difficult to achieve but if you need inspiration or advice, you will find that website branding services are available.

Copywriting and Content

When you have the look and feel of your site, you need to create content. Your content should have a nod to SEO, because you want to be found by search engines, but ultimately and most importantly, you want to create content that connects with your audience. Always write for the reader and provide them with valuable information that will benefit them.

Depending on your brand and what you sell, your copywriting can be quirky, it can be factual, it can be to the point. It doesn’t really matter what style of content you use, but it should connect strongly to your audience. Also, remember that content is not just text; it can be images, infographics, video content and everything or anything else. If you are unsure of where to begin, check out a reputable website copywriting service and see what they advise.


Now that you have your website in place, it looks great and there is a lot of interesting and relevant content, people will come to it won’t they? They might, hopefully, if you have good SEO and you have a lot of luck. In reality, even websites that look great and have fantastic content need assistance in ensuring people get to see them and this is where you need to undertake marketing activities. Promoting your website sits neatly alongside promoting your firm, especially if you ensure that you have a universal brand for your website and company. Online and offline marketing can be of benefit, depending on the nature of your product or service, and the rest of marketing is crucial. Even if you are a local firm looking to focus on a local audience, there are ways to market your business effectively. If you need support in this area, turn to the best website marketing Kent has to offer to learn how to boost traffic and awareness of your site.

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    I liked this article explaining “The three main pillars“of making a website successful. Improving a website is surely an ongoing process.

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