How To Get Full Buy-In For SEO

Unless you are an entrepreneur or a very small business, decisions will be made by more than one person or someone higher up the chain will have the final say on matters. This means that there will be times when you need to convince people or persuade people of the benefits of taking a particular course of action. There are some aspects and decisions that the benefits should be apparent to everyone but no matter how obvious a decision seems to be, there will always be some need to fight your cause and defend your decision,.

Take SEO for example. When it comes to being found online, surely you want to do everything that you can to increase your chances of being found by potential customers. You would think that there would be a full buy-in for undertaking SEO in the right way but you may be surprised at how many people would put a block on investing in SEO. We are hopefully beyond the stage where business decision makers fail to see the benefit of an online presence but there is no doubt that you may need to lay the benefits of SEO out very clearly, if you want to release the funding to do it properly.

SEO has to be carried out properly to be effective

Like many things in life, if you don’t do it properly, SEO is a waste of time and money. However, there are big benefits to be gained if you do it right, which can come along a lot easier if you work with professionals.

The five biggest reasons you will have for utilising SEO include:

  • A great return on your investment
  • A minimal level of risk
  • You can greatly improve awareness of your brand
  • Increased traffic, and traffic that is targeted
  • SEO is affordable to all businesses

These five reasons should be more than enough to convince any management team or committee that SEO is crucial for marketing purposes.

SEO offers a potentially fantastic return on your investment

With respect to the value in the return on investment, studies indicate that SEO carries a greater return on your investment than all other forms of marketing. In an era when every amount of money has to be justified, opting for the marketing activity that carries the best return on your investment has to be seen as a sensible option.

The return on investment carries a great opportunity to minimise risk, which is another reason to opt for SEO. When you carry out PPC or similar marketing activities, you may find yourself a victim of fraud, paying for services and benefits that you never receive. The fact that SEO, when carried out properly, is a lot more organic means that the end results you obtain will be better and more reliable. If you are wary of paying for a service that ultimately offers no benefit, you need to ditch the other methods of online marketing and enhance your SEO activities. When it comes to impressing bosses and decision makers, pointing out that SEO minimises the likelihood being exposed to risk is sure to go down well.

You should also be able to impress them by stating that not only can SEO bring in more traffic, it can bring in better traffic, traffic that is targeted to what you aim to sell. Finding a marketing activity that brings in lots of traffic needn’t be the best thing for your business. If people arrive at your site, have a quick look and find nothing of interest, you have wasted time and money for no reward. However, when it comes to utilising SEO, you will find that the traffic you receive is targeted, greatly increasing the likelihood of making sales and developing an audience. This will help you win over any doubters as to the merits of SEO, allowing you to bring success to your firm.


  1. Brian Lane

    I never knew that SEO could bring targeted traffic, something that PPC cannot do. This post has increased my knowledge about bringing in targeted traffic.

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    The post succeeds in convincing me that SEO is more important than other types of marketing because of the quality of the traffic gained. SEO will result in more sales and is more superior than PPC.

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