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We’re operating in a digital era and this means that we need to have reliable digital strategies for business success. This doesn’t mean that we can get away with writing 1’s and 0’s for everything we do but there is a need to reshape your focus to fit better in the digital era. There is no need to throw away everything you learned about marketing before the digital era, that would just be silly, but there are some fundamental points you need to have to make sure you make the most of your digital marketing opportunities.

First of all, you need to set goals. Whether you are taking advice from the leading digital marketing agency Kent has to offer or you are leading through an old business book you found in the library, having goals and aims is crucial. Without gaols, you won’t be able to set targets, you won’t be able to measure your progress and you will have no idea if anything you are doing is of the remotest benefit. No matter what else you do, start by setting goals.

Once the goals are in place, and to be honest, that isn’t really just for digital marketing that’s for all marketing, you can move forward. You want to create a marketing funnel which brings together the customers journey. You want to focus on creating awareness, creating interest, creating a desire in your customer and then getting them to take action. This is commonly broken down to Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action or AIDA if you are really lazy or good at remembering what acronyms actually mean.

Make sure you have a call to action

You also really need to have a call to action for your digital marketing strategy. This will integrate with the marketing funnel but in reality your call to action, or your CTA, is so important that it needs to be focused on. A good quality CTA can be found in many different ways and it can be an image or text. It also doesn’t really matter where it eventually directs people to, you could be looking to make a sale, guarantee a subscription, view video content or any other form of action, but there has to be an action. A good quality CTA will grab attention and it will provide your users with an incentive to take action. In the business world, you have to give to get so if you want to get a lot, you had better be prepared to give a lot.

Develop a lead magnet. No, this doesn’t have this name because it allows you to steal customers from other firms but it does ensure that you drive customers towards your product or service. Again, the notion of having to give to get is crucial with respect to developing a lead magnet and you need to be prepared to provide an offer that will entice people in and keep them coming back for further information from you. One of the best examples of a lead magnet in recent times has come in the offering of an industry white paper or valuable information. This document or information can only be obtained when a customer provides their email address or contact details. You see, it is all about the “give to get” and the better quality of items or information you give to clients, the better quality of customers or volume of people you will get in return. Digital marketing strategies are simple, but they do need some time and effort put into them to ensure that they come off in a successful manner.

There is also a need to drive content to your site or product/service and no matter what the naysayers say, SEO is not dead yet. It has evolved and changed dramatically from 10 years ago but this doesn’t mean that it has died. Your hair style has probably changed rather dramatically over the same time period but if it is still there, it hasn’t died, it has just changed. The basics of good quality SEO are still relevant but be sure to utilise social media content and there is an increasing focus on video content to boost traffic towards your site.

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