How To Create Quirky Copywriting….

When it comes to being noticed online or on the shelf, having something a bit different about your product or service is always going to help. This is where being innovative or slightly adventurous can bring big results and it may be that quirky copywriting is your path to business success. There is no doubt that the UK has a creative streak and you’ll find that a lot of the best copywriting UK teams have to offer is slightly off the wall.

It is important to remember though that one man’s quirkiness is another man’s downright weird so have a think before you start creating wonderfully kooky copywriting. Understanding your audience is crucial in every aspect of your business but when it comes to being slightly off the wall, you need to make sure that this is going to connect with your audience. For some businesses, quirky copywriting will cause more problems than solutions. However, if you have an image and brand that means your customers can have some fun and appreciate an off-beat approach now and again, this can be a tremendous way to genuinely connect with people.

If you think this is an approach that would benefit your business, here are some tips to create quirky copy, and if you don’t succeed, remember to call upon the best copywriting agency UK companies can find.

Keep your message but change the way you say it

Sometimes the way you write and get your message across can add an individual streak to your copywriting. Why not try writing in shorter sentences or if you are appealing to a local audience, why not add some local dialect and colloquialisms to your content.

Be fresh and original with your language

Some firms will invent their own words, which is a gamble but sometimes it pays off in a big way. Other firms use words that are not commonly used or perhaps used in a different context from the norm. If the context still makes sense and it connects well with folk, you may find that people will start to make associations with your brand.

Be surprising

Consistency is often the key when it comes to creating a viable brand and providing good content but there is a lot to be said for keeping your audience on its toes. If you are able to throw in the odd surprise here and there, you’ll find people come back for more on a regular basis.

Have a story to tell

You’ll find that most of the quirky firms have a story to tell their audience and there is something bigger than just an innovative or quirky nature. Providing a backdrop or narrative to explain your quirkiness ensures that people will see your firm as being more human-like and personal, which is never a bad thing if you are looking to develop a relationship.

In fact, make sure you have a personality

Your firm or your website should have a personality and nature of its own, allowing people to connect with your brand and become emotionally involved in it. This allows for highs and lows from a general tone, there is definitely scope to deviate away from your main personality, but having something that people can connect to will definitely boost your chances of building relationships with your content.

There are some firms that aren’t advised to be quirky, especially if you have a straight-laced image but even these firms, on rare occasions, can generate a lot of goodwill and positive feedback from breaking out of their box once in a while. Don’t rush into quirky copywriting, it is something to develop and obtain feedback for before you launch it but if you are looking to be a little bit different, being quirky may be your route to success. You may just find that creating copy becomes a lot more fun, which is never a bad thing.


  1. JackNicholas

    Going offbeat can be risky but if done properly and intelligently can be a success. I completely agree with this post.

  2. Hellboy

    Good piece of advice for copy writing. I personally think quirky articles are more entertaining and informative than the regular ones because it’s the uniqueness of everything that matters the most.

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