Why Content Is So Important To A Website And Why It Needs To Be Written With SEO In Mind

If there is a phrase that internet marketers are probably sick to death of hearing, it will be “Content Is King”. This phrase has been overused to the extent that many marketers and small businesses will switch off at the point of hearing it. The thing is, it has been overused and overstated, but this statement still lies at the heart of SEO and promoting your business. Content remains absolutely crucial for websites and when you create content, it has to be written with SEO in mind.

When it comes to achieving a higher rank in the algorithms of search engines, there are a number of factors and for once in life, size really does matter. The algorithms will factor in the size of a website so if you have more pages, you will be viewed as a more credible source or option. This doesn’t mean you should go all out for quantity though, that will be detrimental in the long run. You need to create quality content that is relevant to users and search engines, which is keyword research is crucial.

Keyword research has to be carried out before content

SEO content writing needs to be based around a targeted keyword or phrase in order to be relevant for the searches that take place on search engines every day. If your writing contains the words or phrases that your audience is looking for, you are far more likely to be presented to them when they are looking for a product or solution. This means that keyword research should be undertaken before you create content.

When it comes to web content and ranking high on Google, it is important to be aware of the increasing importance of Google+. When you publish content, having it attributed to an author on Google+ and then sharing it on this platform will go a long way to strengthening your credibility and placing it higher up the search engine rankings. There is also a lot to be said for syndicating your content because with search engines indexing content from a range of sources, you’ll find this helps to boost the ranking and visibility of your site.

Good quality content is important because:

  • More content boosts your site ranking
  • Keyword targeted content makes it easier for people to find you
  • Google+ shared content is impacting on Google’s rankings
  • Syndicating your content ensures your rankings rise higher and faster

When it comes to creating good quality content, it is important to be aware that writing with SEO in mind doesn’t automatically mean you are writing for search engines and machines. If you ever find yourself in a position of having to choose between writing for the reader and writing for the search engine, opt for the reader. Search engines are becoming increasingly adept at working out which sites provide readers and guests with a worthwhile experience but of course, if you are able to push the search engine in the right direction without compromising on the quality of your site, you will benefit.

Make sure your content flows

When you write with SEO in mind, there should be a flow. This means you should a solid beginning, a strong middle and a conclusion that makes sense and which ties things together. This will help you to make a better article when writing it, it will ensure that readers want to follow the article with you and it also provides search engine algorithms with the knowledge that you know what you are doing and you are focused on a particular topic.

Your content should have headings, sub-headings, tags, list elements, bullet points and media can help as well. These are all elements that help to break up the page but they can enhance the experience for the reader while giving more to search engines. Good quality content contains the article but it is not just about the article.

You’ll find that good quality content is often about common sense and keeping things simple. If you have this in mind, you’ll create great content that is attractive to readers and search engines.

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  1. Vesh

    Very well explained article about content and SEO. This is a must read article to improve the website visibility on the internet through content.

    1. Miss Sunshine

      Content written without proper low competition but highly searched keywords is of little use when it comes to Google page ranks. So, research and use good keywords.

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