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What colour says about your business.

What colour says about your business.

It isn’t easy to come up with a logo and this is why many small businesses are turning towards professional graphic designers for assistance when it comes to creating logos. A good logo isn’t just eye-catching and memorable; it will actually say something about your business as well.

It isn’t just a case of creating the right image; did you know that certain colours will have an impact on your brand? If you are looking to project a certain identity, make sure you choose colours that create these images and ideas in people’s minds. Some of the colours to consider include:


If you want to be seen as an energetic and sexy firm, red is the colour for you. The old adage may suggest that red means danger but in modern branding terms, red is a bold choice, perfect for companied with confidence in what they deliver to customers.


Orange is not just a fruit and if you like your TV shows, it is not just the new black. If you are a small firm looking to market yourselves, you will find that people associate orange with friendliness, a youthful level of vitality and a creative streak. If you are in the creative industry, why not give your clients a helping hand to realise that you are the young and spirited creative types they need to hire.


This is an obvious one with yellow being synonymous with the sun. If you are looking to create a positive identity, you maybe don’t need a branding services business to tell you that yellow is optimistic and positive but it may be something that you haven’t thought too much about.


While many firms want to be seen to be green these days, this often refers to their environmental focus and output. When it comes to branding, green is linked to growth and organic, so if you have a natural element to your output, this is going to be an ideal choice. There is also a school of thought that green works well for instructional purposes.


It’s the colour adorned by Prince and you too can be seen as a firm that is spiritual, evocative and wide if you grace your logo in this fine choice. Okay, you may not always want to associate yourself too closely with Prince, especially not with some of his antics over the years but when it comes to branding your business, purple adds a touch of class.


Of course, if you are looking to add a touch of power and credibility to your brand, you will find that black is always a winning idea. No matter how hard other colours try, black is always the new black and your logo will have a sense of gravitas with this choice


They may say it is pink to make the boys wink but this is a fun and flirty colour that will ensure you show a fun side of your business. When it comes to engaging in a relaxed way, this is a colour that is perfect for many brands.