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Colour me perfect with the Pantone Matching System

Colour me perfect with the Pantone Matching System

Say you want a blue logo – how are we going to identify which ‘blue’ you mean?

The problem is that there are thousands of blues, from teal all the way through to almost purple and then as light as a cloud to virtually black.

Well, the answer is we use a standardised system called the Pantone Matching System, so we ALL know what colour we want. This way we can identify a colour specifically and hopefully everyone else sees the same colour.

We can then match the colour on the website as closely as possible and the printer can mix the same colour with his standard inks to print the logo on your letterhead.

What is the Pantone Color Chart

The pantone matching system which is a proprietary color space used in printing and many other industries. It is a standardized colour reproduction system and the whole essence is to standardize the colour so that different manufacturers can refer to the pantone system to ensure colours match without meeting each other.

You can download a copy of our chart here: